Monday, February 2, 2015

double trouble continued

For Keyyon ( my 6 year old) I decided I would:

1. Have FUN FRIDAY: Each Friday we can do a craft, put a puzzle together, build with legos, or watch a movie! This is a way for me to spend one on one time with him, doing something he really enjoys. 

here you will find out duct tape sword and shield craft

2. Lunchbox notes: He's learning to read and I make his lunch everyday! For me, this was just a way to remind him that I love him and I want him to have a great day. But to my surprise it was more than that. Like his daddy, he saves his notes! After school he pulls his note out and either reads it to me or asks for my help. He also keeps them on display on his bedroom wall :)

3. bedtime stories: Keyy has a bedtime and we're pretty good with sticking to it. But I've made a mental note to read with/to him at least every other day. It gives us alone time right before bed and he's also learning! Sometimes daddy reads to him and sometimes he "reads" to his brother!

double trouble

Have two children they said, it's awesome they said.

It's HARD WORK I say.

Being super mom and capturing every little moment and all the fun we have is every mothers dream but no where near a reality. Most of the time my phone is about to die and both boys are looking at the camera. So my one little word challenge ( here is the OLW post one little word (OLW) ) for my boys is to ENJOY being their mama by bonding in ways that's fun or better for them. They don't care if I take a picture to show the world; they care that I'm blowing belly raspberries or building legos. I'm starting with three things for each of my boys so I'm dedicated and not overwhelmed.

For Karter (who is only 7 months) I decided that I would:

1. make his baby food - My step mom gave me a small food processor and that thing has been amazing. So far Karter loves banana-avocado and carrots! For the fruits I peel the skin, chop them up and blend them. He likes them separately but sometimes we make it fun and mix and match! For vegetables I steam, chop, and blend. 

picture 1 - strawberries & mangoes  * picture 2 - carrots (with a sprinkle of brown sugar)

picture 3 - avocados and bananas 

I store the food in these small containers & I usually make a week of yummy yummies at a time.

2. do memorable crafts- We haven't done any together but here is one on my to-do list!

3. sing/play songs  - My preschool experience gives me a few points on infant, toddler and pre school songs but I've also downloaded spotify & pandora (from the app store for free) and added some baby stations for us to listen to. I usually play music when we're making baby food, during bath time & if he's playing and I'm doing laundry! 

grocery store dates

Another part of my one little word for 2015 (here's the post one little word ) was my marriage.

I've been with my husband as his wife for ONE YEAR, but we've been getting on each other nerves for five years!

In that five years we've lived an hour away from each other, we've lived together, and we even took a break. And in all that time our issue was ALWAYS the same; making time for us.

We finally found a way to make it work! We planned a date night every week. Tuesday nights we would alternate coming to see each other for a date. Sometimes it was at a restaurant and sometimes it was at home. But for a very long time, Tuesday was our day.

Fast forward to two children and no more Tuesday dates. So, my one little word plan is to ENJOY my marriage. Forget the planning, and date nights, and babysitter cancellations. How can I enjoy my husband without losing my mind planning dates that will never happen. Most of the time I'm just happy to grab him, run into the laundry room, and silently hug until one of our children finds us. BUT when that's not enough we......

1. Go on grocery store dates: just recently we've been able to leave the kids with grandma & nana and make a mad dash to the store. It wasn't until the third time we went, that I noticed how much fun we were having. We were laughing and hugging and holding hands. We didn't talk about finances, the boys, or anyone else. It's an errand and a hassle but we somehow made it fun.

2. Snuggle for movie nights: honestly, movie night usually ends up coming to a screeching halt mid movie because my husband has fallen asleep! So, I decided that every Friday I would insist on watching a movie after the boys are in bed and during the first half I would put my phone away, lay on his chest and soak up as much time as I could.

3. Spend time praying: we both pray separately and we pray with Keyyon before bed, but we rarely pray together. We don't do it everyday, but once a week we; pray together, read our bibles together, or talk about God's work in our lives. This is probably my favorite date :)

happy wife, happy life

I've thought about writing this post for so long now. But recently I was in a group message and the topic came up again. So here I am, here it goes, please keep an open mind.

Years ago, the man of the house always brought home the bacon. He works all day and comes home, bacon in hand, waiting for us to fry it up. We stay home all day, waiting for the bacon, eager to fry it up. Somewhere along the way a very opinionated, independent woman decided that spit up, laundry, and frying bacon was not for her. She wanted her own career, money, and excuse to leave the kids for more than a thirty minute long doctor visit.

I think that's great. A very wise woman taught me to love my independence and work hard everyday. Work wasn't new to me once I became an "adult", because my father also thought hard work was important. But it wasn't until I became a single mom that I realized how important and empowering it was. I had freedom, I could provide, and I was doing something I had a passion for.

But that's not what this is about. A lot of women feel like they don't "need" a man. I don't need him to provide for me and the kids; I can work. I don't need him to make me happy I can do that. I don't need him for comfort I have my children. And the list goes on. "I don't need a man, I want a man."

I feel like I do NEED my husband. I need him because I'm choosing to need him. There's a sense of security in the bond between me and my husband. Not all women have that, and because of that they don't understand. I need him to love me the way that he does because in the past five years it's been one of my favorite kinds of love. I need him to make me laugh because it's my loudest laugh. I need him to listen to me vent because I can trust his ears. I need him to be with our children, in one house, raising them by my side because I didn't have that type of upbringing and my boys deserve to see their parents in a happy and healthy relationship. I need him to tag team the boys with me when I'm losing control. I need him on my journey with the Lord because I prayed for someone to rescue me and God answered my prayer in the form of a friendship turned marriage. I need him because I'm impatient, anti-social, short tempered, and sometimes lost. He changes those things about me when were together. And I need that in my life. The positive things that he brings to me everyday. The happiness that I feel when we're enjoying life together. The partner I feel like I'll always have to protect me, my children and our family as a whole.

I think you have to be secure within yourself to say you "need" someone. I think a lot of women are afraid to need their boyfriends and husbands because it takes away that independence. I know for a fact that I've laughed a deep belly laugh at my loudest volume without my husband. I also loved myself and felt love before my husband. I even had a chance to play good cop & bad cop as a single mom before my husband. All those things can still exist without him. But I don't want them to. I need him to be apart of those things, because I like it this way better. I think it's fine to NEED a man; for all the right reasons.

hot mama coming through.....


I felt like I had to add that disclaimer.

As you know, for 2015 my one little word was ENJOY (if you're new here new year post ). And one of the first things I wrote down when choosing my one little word was my health. I always tell myself to exercise! Go for a walk, run with my mom, play tag at the park with Keyy. Then dinner is running late, my mom work outs at the butt crack or dawn and Keyy would rather play with his "friends". So there, I tried right. NO!

I was telling a friend that MY problem is I'm always TOO EAGER. I tell everyone, and make 15 lists of exercises, and make a "clean eating" menu. Then I give up because its too much work and I "don't have time." - I do have time, I need to have time, I WILL MAKE TIME; I hope.

So this year I've decided to start slow and get myself and my body use to exercise, other than racing upstairs with Karter on my hip, to help Keyy who is screaming bloody murder.

step 1: "find someone to workout with" . Team work makes the dream work! I found a cool place where I can tackle two fears. First fear ; exercise & second fear; mommy & me play groups.

They offer a few MOM friendly exercise activities. The one I was most excited about was the body back program. But it's a tad expensive for our budget & I want to go in slow. NOT TOO EAGER! 

So I decided that twice a month I would join the stroller group and get some exercise and socializing in at the same time! 

Look them up! Maybe they are in your area too!

step 2: "find at home exercises".  I don't know about you, but I'm always busy. Laundry, cleaning, errands, cooking, Law&Order SVU marathons, etc. So I wanted exercises I could do between loads, while watching a marathon & during nap time! 

below you will find some quick & simple exercises that I'm using to get my body moving!

step 3: "change my diet". I have the AWFUL habit of not eating. I may eat one bowl of oatmeal in the morning and then I don't eat until my husband gets home & eat dinner. I don't purposely "starve" myself but like I said before I'm always "too busy". I should never be too busy to eat, even if it's something small. 

So my main "change my diet" goal is to EAT EVERYDAY; at least 3 times a day. 

happy exercising!