Thursday, January 29, 2015

happy new year

It's 2015 and I can't believe it. So many amazing things happened for my family in 2014.

but it's on to bigger and better things?

RESOLUTIONS; of course right? Everyone makes lists upon lists of things they want to change, fix, correct, avoid, etc! This year my MAIN goal is to TRY; attempt, make an EFFORT.

On pinterest I stumbled upon an AMAZING blog. Andrea got me on my mental hamster wheel and I decided to let her be my inspiration. TWO things came out of my stumble.

1. one little word

2. bible journaling

one little word? What is that? It's a start. Below I will add the link for you to go and get inspired like I did; unless of course little ol me inspires you :) either way it's below.

But 'one little word' for me is a start. A way for me to start my new year in a positive way. What was it about last year that I don't want to bring with me? What did I love? What can I change?

My one little word for 2015 is..........ENJOY. (here's the picture of my smash book entry)



1. take delight or pleasure in.
2. possess and benefit from.

SYNONYMS: like, love, relish, adore, appreciate, savor. 

--------> what I want to enjoy in 2015........

  • my health -----> fitness & clean eating
  • my marriage ----> MORE dates
  • the boys ----> bonding
  • faith -----> back to church & daily prayer
  • my craft ----> CDA , blog, & etsy shop
  • friendships ---> build & maintain
" Go eat your bread with JOY and drink your wine with a MERRY heart, for GOD has already APPROVED what you do" ECCLESIASTES 9:7

*I will go into detail about my goals in my next couple of posts!*

So, what is your 'one little word' for 2015?

Bible journaling! 
I've always been a journal, planner, scrapbook obsessed creator. And as a christian you would think I would be all over my bible. I love the lord, I love the word; I prefer getting to love them both at church! But when it's not Sunday or Wednesday and I want to be closer to him, what do I do? Before I would read and pray and be satisfied. But now I can.......

JOURNAL!!! (my mom got me a new one for christmas - it's on AMAZON. It is the
 "single column journaling bible".

so far I've opened it, picked my opening words, found my study plans & written down my scripture calendar! I'm hoping that journaling will allow me to get completely caught up in the words and allow me to pour all my emotions out on the pages next to all the things the Lord is calling me to read. *here is my bible & my opening words; check back to see my calendar!

The first picture says : "I took my troubles to the Lord; I cried out to him and he answered my prayer. -this is on the first page of my bible to remind me that EVERY time I've cried out to him he's answered my prayers. He's my savior; without him there is no me.

The second picture says : "GODS LOVE HAS NO LIMITS"
- this is on the inside of the cover; for me to see as soon as I open my bible.

Bible study plans!
I found this amazing app; it's free & they have tons of studies. 

Thank you Andrea for inspiring me for this new year! Check out her blog & instagram.

Friday, January 9, 2015

hale - party of four

This is the part where I talk & talk & talk about the three handsome men I call mine

Daddy- Anton is my soulmate and better half. We started dating in 2009 after being friends for two years. In 2013 he proposed and February 1,2014 we got married. He's my opposite and I thank God for his love everyday. When he's not being Mr. Incredible to his three shadows (yes I'm included) he's with his band, watching sports or shuffling through the recipes he's hoping I try next! 

Keyy- Keyyon is my first born and master builder. He made me a mommy December 30, 2008. He's my Capricorn - independent , honest , practical & hilarious. He definitely keeps me on my toes. Keyy is always making us laugh and challenging us as he learns new things daily. He's full of life & everyone who knows him , loves him. He loves legos, wrestling with daddy , snuggling with mommy & anything that lets him create! 

I interviewed him for his introduction ; he wore daddy's tie & watch to look the part!

1. How old are you? -6 years old
2. The best show on TV is - Teen Titans Go
3. My favorite thing about school is - Reading books
4. The thing I'm best at is -Building legos
5. If I could change my name it'd be - flash
6. My favorite color is - Red 
7. My favorite toy is - Legos
8. When I grow up I want to be - A superhero 
9. I like to take this to bed with me at night - My mom 
10. My favorite book is - Spider Man
11. My favorite movie is - The Lego Movie
12. My favorite season of the year - Fall 
13. A food I really like - Bacon cheeseburgers
14. My favorite animal is - Dogs 
15. My favorite sport is -Basketball 
16. My best friend is - Elijah
17. My favorite holiday -Halloween
18. My favorite thing I did last year - Started kindergarten

Chunky Monkey - Karter is my second little gem. He brought lots of love & life when I had him June 10, 2014. He's my Gemini - dramatic , impatient, fiesty & unpredictable. Yes at 7 months! We were smooth sailing before he came & he's had us all at his beck and call since day 1. But we wouldn't have it any other way. Karter loves playing with his big brother, watching sports with daddy & cuddling with mommy! 

Mama bear - I'm Taneisha. I'm twenty five , married to my superman & we have two boys; Keyyon (6) & Karter (7 months). 

I was a kindergarten enrichment teacher at a preschool until June 2014 when Karter was born. We decided that it works best for our family when I'm home with the boys while hubby works. It's been a HUGE adjustment but I love seeing Karter reach every milestone first hand and picking up/dropping Keyy off every day at school. 

Teaching is my passion. When I'm in the classroom I'm completely comfortable. I love teaching and if the opportunity comes  along again I would love to be back in the classroom. 

Aside from teaching I love anything creative. Except drawing; not my thing. But writing, music, painting, scrap booking, cooking, pictures, journaling! That love inspired my idea behind the blog. I wanted a way to show others how I show my creativity! So, after a ton of procrastination; halehavoc was born! Along with this blog I'm going to start an etsy shop; so stay tuned for that! 

Thanks for stopping by . 

Saturday, January 3, 2015

what kind of mom of you?

What kind of mom are you? 

I've seen tons of different parenting styles from friends, family, being an enrichment teacher & the Internet. 

We all know the moms that annoy us - at the park, grocery store & school. But do we fit into more than one "mom category?" I definitely do! 

These are just a few of the moms that I've noticed - most of which I can be. 

1. The "____ is bad for you so we don't eat it" mom who regulates her child's diet down to what they eat at a birthday party. 

* I hate giving Keyy McDonald's or poptarts. But do I roll my eyes when my little brother eats it around him. No. If my mom asks me why I don't give it to Keyy that's another story!
* this mom is fine because who doesn't want to feed their kids the best foods; but if my child is eating a hot dog for the second night this week that's my choice and lecturing me only makes you look like an asshole. 

2. The "breast is best" mom. The one who pops her boob out everywhere and as much as she warns you before hand you're still shocked. 

* I bottle fed Keyy formula after two weeks of failed nursing. But I nursed Karter for six months. I encourage my friends to try because it was more beautiful than hard for me, but I don't shove my opinion down their throat. If they choose not to, bottoms up on a bottle of wine for us! 

* breast feeding is natural & an amazing experience IF ITS FOR YOU. This mom is fine as long as she can remember that what's "best" for your situation is NOT the same for everyone. Our babies are being fed; end of story. 

3. the "formula is fine" mom. She's knows all about every formula and starts out by saying I didn't nurse because I couldn't but my child is off the charts anyway. 

* This mom is trying not to throw breastfeeding moms under the bus but she does and that makes her obnoxious. 

4. The "let them be little" moms. Their child's play is chaos and she thinks it's the greatest thing ever. 

* everything has a place and there's a time and space for everything. But when I'm over my friends house and her child goes from toy to toy in this room and that room it reminds me that sometimes a little chaos is a lot of fun for them. 

* letting them be little is A LOT different than giving them no boundaries, no consequences & no structure. Children are supposed to be carefree but not in a way that any structure would be a disaster to them. 

5. The "co everything helicopter" mom. Her child does not move, play, or nap without her being right there knowing everything about anything. 

*I hover at the park, the library, pre school and everywhere else I go. But I've also learned as they get older my helicopter slowly falls back. I'm comfortable being a helicopter mom & when my friends aren't I just hover their babies too! Let them be little ! You can hover from a short distance ;)

6. The "oh no your class party was yesterday" mom. She's usually on her phone and her child is across the playground jumping off rocks barefoot. 

* seize the day! tomorrow may be too late to let them know you care. Don't beat yourself up if you can't make every holiday party  or you didn't get a picture each month they're infants! but some effort goes a long way with a child who doesn't understand meetings, overtime & business trips. 

7. The "must buy everything mom". She's always showing off her child's wardrobe; from bows to booties.

* fancy is fine for pictures and parties. Kids grow and clothes gets ruined! & Stop telling your kids what clothes cost. I had a six year old tell me her north face was $100 so it's cooler than a little girl who's jacket was from Target. It only matters once we make it an issue.

8. The "single mom advocate". Everyday is a struggle and she deserves a medal because she's doing everything alone. 

* I was a single mom & some days it was a shit show but that's the beauty in it. celebrate your independence. But don't let that be your identity. All moms struggle everyday; that's not what's important. You're doing it & your child is happy; that's important.

9. The "SAHM". She's always throwing it out there that she's home with her children 24/7 but not before reminding us that her laundry is always overflowing and dishes are never ending because she's making memories. 

* working moms are just as amazing as SAHM. I loved working and having Keyy in preschool. Just because you're able to be there 24/7 doesn't make you better. Kids enjoy any time you're with them; either all day or mornings and evenings! 

10. Mommy. The one who worries about her child and how she's doing everything in her power to love, nurture, and enjoy this journey she feels lucky to experience. 

Which one are you? 

All of these moms exist. Some are a level ten some are a level two. That's fine. What we need to remember is that we all have ONE major thing in common. Motherhood! When you get your head out of your own ass you will enjoy it. Stop taking pictures of your child for the internet & leave your opinion out of a simple conversations with other moms. It's not a competition! No one understands being a mom like another mom; that's our advantage! We can stick together instead of one uping each other.