Friday, January 9, 2015

hale - party of four

This is the part where I talk & talk & talk about the three handsome men I call mine

Daddy- Anton is my soulmate and better half. We started dating in 2009 after being friends for two years. In 2013 he proposed and February 1,2014 we got married. He's my opposite and I thank God for his love everyday. When he's not being Mr. Incredible to his three shadows (yes I'm included) he's with his band, watching sports or shuffling through the recipes he's hoping I try next! 

Keyy- Keyyon is my first born and master builder. He made me a mommy December 30, 2008. He's my Capricorn - independent , honest , practical & hilarious. He definitely keeps me on my toes. Keyy is always making us laugh and challenging us as he learns new things daily. He's full of life & everyone who knows him , loves him. He loves legos, wrestling with daddy , snuggling with mommy & anything that lets him create! 

I interviewed him for his introduction ; he wore daddy's tie & watch to look the part!

1. How old are you? -6 years old
2. The best show on TV is - Teen Titans Go
3. My favorite thing about school is - Reading books
4. The thing I'm best at is -Building legos
5. If I could change my name it'd be - flash
6. My favorite color is - Red 
7. My favorite toy is - Legos
8. When I grow up I want to be - A superhero 
9. I like to take this to bed with me at night - My mom 
10. My favorite book is - Spider Man
11. My favorite movie is - The Lego Movie
12. My favorite season of the year - Fall 
13. A food I really like - Bacon cheeseburgers
14. My favorite animal is - Dogs 
15. My favorite sport is -Basketball 
16. My best friend is - Elijah
17. My favorite holiday -Halloween
18. My favorite thing I did last year - Started kindergarten

Chunky Monkey - Karter is my second little gem. He brought lots of love & life when I had him June 10, 2014. He's my Gemini - dramatic , impatient, fiesty & unpredictable. Yes at 7 months! We were smooth sailing before he came & he's had us all at his beck and call since day 1. But we wouldn't have it any other way. Karter loves playing with his big brother, watching sports with daddy & cuddling with mommy! 

Mama bear - I'm Taneisha. I'm twenty five , married to my superman & we have two boys; Keyyon (6) & Karter (7 months). 

I was a kindergarten enrichment teacher at a preschool until June 2014 when Karter was born. We decided that it works best for our family when I'm home with the boys while hubby works. It's been a HUGE adjustment but I love seeing Karter reach every milestone first hand and picking up/dropping Keyy off every day at school. 

Teaching is my passion. When I'm in the classroom I'm completely comfortable. I love teaching and if the opportunity comes  along again I would love to be back in the classroom. 

Aside from teaching I love anything creative. Except drawing; not my thing. But writing, music, painting, scrap booking, cooking, pictures, journaling! That love inspired my idea behind the blog. I wanted a way to show others how I show my creativity! So, after a ton of procrastination; halehavoc was born! Along with this blog I'm going to start an etsy shop; so stay tuned for that! 

Thanks for stopping by . 

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