Monday, February 2, 2015

double trouble continued

For Keyyon ( my 6 year old) I decided I would:

1. Have FUN FRIDAY: Each Friday we can do a craft, put a puzzle together, build with legos, or watch a movie! This is a way for me to spend one on one time with him, doing something he really enjoys. 

here you will find out duct tape sword and shield craft

2. Lunchbox notes: He's learning to read and I make his lunch everyday! For me, this was just a way to remind him that I love him and I want him to have a great day. But to my surprise it was more than that. Like his daddy, he saves his notes! After school he pulls his note out and either reads it to me or asks for my help. He also keeps them on display on his bedroom wall :)

3. bedtime stories: Keyy has a bedtime and we're pretty good with sticking to it. But I've made a mental note to read with/to him at least every other day. It gives us alone time right before bed and he's also learning! Sometimes daddy reads to him and sometimes he "reads" to his brother!

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