Monday, February 2, 2015

double trouble

Have two children they said, it's awesome they said.

It's HARD WORK I say.

Being super mom and capturing every little moment and all the fun we have is every mothers dream but no where near a reality. Most of the time my phone is about to die and both boys are looking at the camera. So my one little word challenge ( here is the OLW post one little word (OLW) ) for my boys is to ENJOY being their mama by bonding in ways that's fun or better for them. They don't care if I take a picture to show the world; they care that I'm blowing belly raspberries or building legos. I'm starting with three things for each of my boys so I'm dedicated and not overwhelmed.

For Karter (who is only 7 months) I decided that I would:

1. make his baby food - My step mom gave me a small food processor and that thing has been amazing. So far Karter loves banana-avocado and carrots! For the fruits I peel the skin, chop them up and blend them. He likes them separately but sometimes we make it fun and mix and match! For vegetables I steam, chop, and blend. 

picture 1 - strawberries & mangoes  * picture 2 - carrots (with a sprinkle of brown sugar)

picture 3 - avocados and bananas 

I store the food in these small containers & I usually make a week of yummy yummies at a time.

2. do memorable crafts- We haven't done any together but here is one on my to-do list!

3. sing/play songs  - My preschool experience gives me a few points on infant, toddler and pre school songs but I've also downloaded spotify & pandora (from the app store for free) and added some baby stations for us to listen to. I usually play music when we're making baby food, during bath time & if he's playing and I'm doing laundry! 

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