Monday, February 2, 2015

grocery store dates

Another part of my one little word for 2015 (here's the post one little word ) was my marriage.

I've been with my husband as his wife for ONE YEAR, but we've been getting on each other nerves for five years!

In that five years we've lived an hour away from each other, we've lived together, and we even took a break. And in all that time our issue was ALWAYS the same; making time for us.

We finally found a way to make it work! We planned a date night every week. Tuesday nights we would alternate coming to see each other for a date. Sometimes it was at a restaurant and sometimes it was at home. But for a very long time, Tuesday was our day.

Fast forward to two children and no more Tuesday dates. So, my one little word plan is to ENJOY my marriage. Forget the planning, and date nights, and babysitter cancellations. How can I enjoy my husband without losing my mind planning dates that will never happen. Most of the time I'm just happy to grab him, run into the laundry room, and silently hug until one of our children finds us. BUT when that's not enough we......

1. Go on grocery store dates: just recently we've been able to leave the kids with grandma & nana and make a mad dash to the store. It wasn't until the third time we went, that I noticed how much fun we were having. We were laughing and hugging and holding hands. We didn't talk about finances, the boys, or anyone else. It's an errand and a hassle but we somehow made it fun.

2. Snuggle for movie nights: honestly, movie night usually ends up coming to a screeching halt mid movie because my husband has fallen asleep! So, I decided that every Friday I would insist on watching a movie after the boys are in bed and during the first half I would put my phone away, lay on his chest and soak up as much time as I could.

3. Spend time praying: we both pray separately and we pray with Keyyon before bed, but we rarely pray together. We don't do it everyday, but once a week we; pray together, read our bibles together, or talk about God's work in our lives. This is probably my favorite date :)

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